Children's Glasses & Contact Lenses

Children are constantly growing and changing – as are their eyes. Sight problems can develop suddenly or over time. Untreated problems can affect your child’s school performance, as well as their wellbeing

It is important to have your children’s eyes tested from a young age, even if nothing appears wrong. We find that children often do not inform their parents about problems with their eyes, some might not realise they have a sight problem.

"We know that kids like to look cool so we stock over 200 frames for children including designer frames."

Kids often want to feel grown up – so we're sure they'll like our contact lenses. We offer silicon hyrdogel lenses that have high levels of oxygen transmissibility – supplying eyes with the high levels of oxygen they need to develop and grow as well as for day long comfort.

Many children taking part in sports find themselves unable to wear their spectacles and unable to participate effectively without them. For this we offer a range of sports goggles, glazed with polycarbonate lenses. These are designed to minimise the risk of injuries to the eye and maximise vision for their chosen sport whatever their prescription, or why not try daily contact lenses for occasional use.

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We provide specialist eye care and regular eye tests for your little ones - with frames and contact lenses to suit children of all ages.

Designer Brands including Bench, Ben10 and Marvel for Glasses and Contact Lenses